Soundview Paper Company: Master Electrician S...

Soundview Paper Company:
Master Electrician Salary Range:
$25-$27/hr The Master Electrician is responsible for overseeing the safe and efficient daily operation of the electrical department including but not limited to leading, training and ensuring the success of multiple journeyman, helpers and apprentice electricians.
The master electrician is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient electrical maintenance of all paper manufacturing, converting and facility equipment.
This includes all equipment needed to repulp wastepaper and broke, clean and screen recovered fiber, and manufacture and convert paper.
The Master Electrician is accountable for maintaining inventory of critical spares, consumable parts and standard stock items.
Significant experience with process industry manufacturing, high speed rotating equipment, variable speed drives, electric motors (AC and DC), soft starts, motor control centers and various instrumentation is required.
Please send resume to:
soundviewvermontjobs@ soundviewpaper.

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